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Yunho/Jaejoong l NC-17 (R for this part) l Drama, Smut l Double-shot
Jaejoong was the best in his gang; the feared killer. One day he receives a job - to nab documents from their rival gang, whose leader happens to be a certain Jung Yunho.

Jaejoong took a drag of his cigarette. He was leaning against the alley wall, blonde hair disheveled and thrown carelessly against the thick Seoul air. They were on a job tonight. Too easy. His men were taking too long though, he watched, as they tugged against the target's hair harshly and slashed his wrists. The target was bloodied, severely injured, but nowhere dead, he noticed with distaste.

The smoke clouds his vision, curling upwards till they disappeared. Jaejoong took another drag, and smirked, snubbing the cigarette out.

Cowards, he thought. In this world you can't hesitate even if you didn't want to kill. Jaejoong slithered forward, eyes smouldering and burning holes through his target, as he swiftly snatched the knife from one of his men.

A sharp tug of the target's collar. Jaejoong smiled wider as the other began to whimper. Smart one, he licked his lips. At least he knew who was the dangerous one among them. And he loved it best when they were afraid. It made the kill even more enjoyable. He leaned closer until his breath mingled with his prey's quick pants, lips almost brushing. Another swipe of his lips, as he trailed the blade slowly across the other's skin, enjoying the small whimpers from his prey. And then with a swift motion, Jaejoong brought the knife through his prey's chest, making sure it sunk all the way in before he slowly pulled out.

Blood dripped from the knife as he brought it to his lips and licked the blade, savoring the taste of another kill while smiling all the way. The target - now dead, laid slumped against the wall, eyes lifeless. Throwing the blade back to his men, who stared at him with frightened eyes, Jaejoong sauntered forward, away from the alley. He lit another cigarette, and the nicotine mingles with the coppery taste of blood against his lips.

Back to the boss, he thought, smirking, running his fingers through his blonde locks. The thought of his prey's frightened eyes was enough to make him hard. Jaejoong bit his lips and palmed the front of his jeans, cock growing larger by the minute. A soft moan escaped his lips.

Soon, he thought, willing his cock to calm the fuck down. Soon.


All his life, Jaejoong hadn't spent a day away from the sight of blood. Growing up in this world was tough. Too many fights. Too many dark alleys. But he had to. He had to learn how to survive and fend for himself, or he'd be dead before twenty. It took him a while, but after the boss took a liking to him, it had been much easier. At least he had a roof above his head - and he didn't mind killing for it.

Killing grew on him, until it became more of a game than something that toyed with his conscience. Jaejoong learnt to enjoy it, and enjoying whatever you did on a daily basis made you good at it. He wasn't the member that was most feared from his gang for no apparent reason. It helped that he had too pretty a face that lulled people into a false sense of security too.

He headed back to their base, his men trailing cautiously behind, as if afraid that Jaejoong might kill them too. The boss was satisfied. He always was whenever he set Jaejoong on a task. It was true, that Jaejoong never failed to deliver. He smirked. Now he could get some rest.

"I have another job for you," was what his boss said after though, earning a small frown from Jaejoong, but nothing more. He knew long ago, that keeping his emotions in check was a way of survival here.

Jaejoong nodded, and lit another cigarette, running his free hand down his thighs. "What is it?"

"I need you to steal something from them," his boss said, emphasizing particularly on the last word. Jaejoong immediately understood what he meant, and stiffened a little. It was their rival gang - the only gang who could match up to their prowess. It was a risky job though, but nothing Jaejoong couldn't handle, or so he thought.

Details were filled in afterwards. It seemed pretty straightforward actually, Jaejoong thought. Get in there, steal the documents and get the fuck out before you get caught. Easy enough.

"Bring these two," the Boss gestured to the two men that were standing meekly behind. The ones that couldn't kill to save their lives, Jaejoong frowned as they stepped forward, eager yet frightened. They would only get in his way. And they prevented him from doing what he wanted. But orders were orders. He sighed, and sauntered away, the two trailing behind yet again.

Now, he thought, casting a glance behind to his men, smirk returned to his face as he toyed with the knife in his pocket, scratching ever so softly against his thighs. It sent a pleasant shiver down his skin. What to do with these two, he licked his lips.


Breaking in was easy enough. He did it too many times. The two were surprised at Jaejoong's apparent ease of sneaking into the gang's base, but it was Jaejoong after all. It was the nabbing-the-documents part that was hard though.

Adrenaline thrummed through his veins as Jaejoong slithered forward, darting eyes constantly on a lookout. Third room straight from the left, he recalled, and made his way through the corridor, careful not to trigger off any alarm.

He smirked again. Dangerous yes, but it was fun. The thrill of being close to the edge of death. It turned him on. But now was not the time to be sporting an erection, Jaejoong mused, as he sneaked past the guards. He might get mad.

Soon after, he reached the room and tested the doorknob. It opened easily enough, much to his surprise. The documents were on the table, moonlight casting an ominous glow to the sheets of white.

He took a swipe from his lips, and inched forward. They were so close. He could feel the breath of fresh air when he made it out already.

But it was a careless move.

Jaejoong's next step forward triggered off an alarm as he stepped on a sensor. It screeched and tore through his ears. Well fuck, he thought, frowning, as men started storming in. He swiveled back, expected to see his two men that he could use as scapegoats, only to find the room empty. They must have chickened out and ran off, he growled, eyes narrowing as he was now surrounded by a circle of men that didn't look very friendly.

Fuck, he thought, as he felt a thump against his head, before his world faded to black.


When Jaejoong stirred, he was face to face with a pair of familiar brown eyes that were staring at him, amused.

"Well if it isn't the Jung Yunho," Jaejoong sneered. He tried to stretch his arms, only to realize that he was cuffed against a pillar, naked. Fuck, he thought. The situation was worse off than he thought, as he scanned the surroundings. Yunho wasn't alone. There were another five men behind him.

"Jaejoong, Jaejoong, Jaejoong," Yunho smirked, fingers trailing down Jaejoong's chest. He fought a shiver. Yunho's hair was a jet black, with an angry brown streak by the side. His arms were exposed, the dragon tattoo on his arm so close Jaejoong's face he fought the urge to lick it. Yunho leaned forward. "What is the Kim Jaejoong doing here?" he whispered, breath hot against Jaejoong's lobe.

Yunho's eyes were smouldering, and they stared at Jaejoong in lust. Jaejoong fought down a gulp, and tried to advert his gaze, but failed, cheeks heating up. "Let me go," he snarled, thrashing against the cuffs. The stinging sensation against his wrists sent shivers of pleasure down his body. Somehow, the situation was able to turn him on, he chewed on his lips in distaste.

Yunho only laughed.

He bent down and seized Jaejoong's chin, stroking it before crashing his lips against Jaejoong's, tongue exploring his cavern. Jaejoong unconsciously moaned and writhed against Yunho's touch, before he realized what he was doing and bit harshly onto Yunho's lips.

"Fuck," Yunho growled as he abruptly yanked away, wiping the fresh blood from his lips. He seized a bunch of Jaejoong's blonde locks with his fists and tugged at it harshly, before slapping his cheek. "Bitch," he glared, and slammed him against the pillar, impact shaking Jaejoong.

Jaejoong let out a small whimper, but it was noticed by Yunho, who smirked in victory. Yunho bent down, and forcefully pried Jaejoong's legs open, wide and inviting. He settled in between the legs and pressed Jaejoong against the wall, his free hand travelling along Jaejoong's thighs.

"Please," Jaejoong whispered, earning another huge smirk from Yunho. He swiped his lips, stroking Jaejoong's blonde locks, and turned around to glare at his men. A signal for them to scram. They took it wisely, and skittered out of the room, mindful to lock the door, while afraid of what Yunho could do to them. He was the Boss after all. The one the entire mafia world feared.

"Now Jaejoong," Yunho drawled, unbuckling his belt. "Tell me what you want."


I always wanted to write a mafia!au. So this was fun. Part 2 up soon, since I'm done with it already. :D Please be nice!

Tags: f: tvxq, g: drama, g: smut, l: doubleshot, p: yunho/jaejoong, r: r
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